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Welcome to the Law Firm of Tustin Business Succession Attorneys Kinley & Styskal. Our team of skilled lawyers has been providing caring and proficient legal representation to clients in Tustin and throughout the region for more than 40 years.

If you are the owner, primary shareholder or key executive of a business, including family businesses and Closely Held Corporations and Partnerships, it is vital that you have a comprehensive Business Succession plan in place.

Effective Business Succession Plans provide for a seamless transition of the company’s power structure, and assures that regular business operations will be able to continue in case of retirement, incapacity, illness or death.

At Kinley & Styskal, our Tustin Business Succession Lawyers possess an in-depth understanding of the issues pertaining to Businesses and Estate Planning matters, and know which measures must be taken to protect your business and familial assets.

Please contact us at (657) 859-9095 to make an appointment for a free, one hour consultation with one of our knowledgeable Business Succession Attorneys.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly review your business structure and familiarize ourselves with your business operations. This will provide us with the information needed to begin working with you to craft a customized plan that addresses your unique objectives and goals.  

Experienced Business Succession Attorneys in Tustin

Absent the existence of a Business Succession Plan, should a key individual who is essential to operations become unable to carry out his or her duties because of illness or death, their responsibilities will either be transferred to the individual’s heirs, other shareholders within the company, or will be divided between both. Tustin Business Succesion Lawyers

In these situations, disputes often arise amongst the remaining relatives regarding who should take over running daily operations and, in Closely Held Corporations, how the shares should be divided.

These disputes not only disrupt business, but often result in lengthy and costly litigation which could lead to the permanent closure of the business.

Tustin Business Succession Lawyers at Kinley & Styskal have worked with countless businesses to create in-depth, enforceable Business Succession plans that clearly outline who will take over running daily operations and set forth the division of existing shares.

Should the primary owner choose to retire and sell the business, our experienced attorneys possess the requisite knowledge to draft a buy / sell agreement as part of a successful exit strategy.

Contact the Tustin Business Succession Lawyers at Kinley & Styskal for a Free Consultation

For additional information regarding your business related Estate Planning needs, please fill out our Case Evaluation Form. We will contact you to obtain additional information and schedule an appointment for your complimentary, in-office consultation.

If you need immediate help, call Tustin Business Succession Attorneys at the Law Firm of Kinley & Styskal by calling (657) 859-9095.

Dedicated to providing quality legal counsel and representation, all telephone calls and emails will be answered timely and we will notify you when your Business Succession Plan is ready to be reviewed and signed.

One of Orange County’s leading Estate Planning Law Firms, at Kinley & Styskal we are devoted to preserving the interests of our clients by crafting fully customized Business Succession Plans with an emphasis on reducing the likelihood of future litigation and minimizing tax liabilities.

Call today to learn how we can put our experience to work for your business.

Tustin Business Succession Lawyers Kinley and Styskal