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Kinley & Styskal are highly seasoned attorneys who have been providing high quality legal representation for more than 40 years to clients in Tustin and throughout the surrounding communities drafting Trusts and handling Trust Litigation cases.

Whether you need the assistance of skilled legal counsel to draft a Trust, or want to bring a lawsuit or are otherwise involved in Trust Litigation, the experienced and caring Trust Lawyers at Kinley & Styskal are here for you!

Please contact us at (657) 859-9095 to set up an appointment for a free, confidential consultation with one of the region’s most experienced and respected Trust & Trust Litigation Law Firms.

We will meet with you to review your goals and objectives. Based upon the information you provide, we will give you an honest analysis of your matter. If you are interested in drawing up a trust, we will thoroughly explain the numerous types of trusts and the vital roles they play in choosing effective Estate Planning strategies so you have the information required to make educated and informed decisions.

Knowledgeable Trust Attorneys in Tustin

Trusts are a highly effective tool for asset distribution, both during the life of the testator and upon their death. Unlike probate, the Trust Administration process and distribution of Trust Assets to the beneficiaries is not required to go through the courts.

Overall, Trusts are much less costly in the long run, and even the most complex trusts may be administered in less time than it may take the courts to probate a will, unless disputes arise upon the death of the testator.

Additionally, while courts charge a flat fee to Probate a Will that is set by statute, no such fees exist in relation to trusts.

Tustin Trust Lawyers Kinley & Styskal possess an in-depth understanding of the roles that the various types of trusts play with respect to how a testator wishes to bequeath their assets upon death.

At Kinley & Styskal, our Trust Attorneys have more than 40 years’ experience reviewing and drafting a vast array of trusts, including:Tustin Trust Attorneys

For information regarding the most appropriate type / types of trusts that you should execute to meet all of your objectives, contact Tustin Trust Lawyers at Kinley & Styskal for an in-depth, complimentary consultation.

Our caring attorneys understand the necessity of ensuring that your wishes are fully carried out regarding the distribution of your hard-earned assets. We will work closely with you to ensure that your properties are passed on to future generations in a manner that will maximize your goals and minimize tax liabilities.

Experienced Tustin Trust Litigation Attorneys

An Estate Law Firm that has earned a reputation for excellence among clients and peers within the local legal community, Trust Litigation Attorneys Kinley & Styskal have considerable experience resolving disputes pertaining to a decedent’s trust.

As with Will Contests, heirs and beneficiaries will frequently become involved in conflicts regarding the trustor’s competence at the time the Trust was executed, or raise claims that specific individuals exercised undue influence over the trustor for personal gain.

Tustin Trust Litigation Lawyers at Kinley & Styskal have successfully represented interested parties in a broad range of disputes, including those based on the following:

 Under the law, trustees must comply with highly complex and detailed procedures when taking on the role of Trust Administration. Because trustors frequently designate inexperienced laymen to act as trustees, disputes frequently result over the failure to abide with the requirements set for under California Law, leading to disputes and costly litigation.

Tustin Trust Litigation Lawyers Kinley & Styskal not only provide knowledgeable guidance to trustees to ensure that they adhere to the mandatory guidelines, but also offer highly knowledgeable representation to Trust Beneficiaries.

If good faith attempts to resolve Trust disputes do not yield fair and equitable results, our seasoned litigators will not hesitate to resolve your dispute at trial.

Contact Tustin Trust Lawyers & Trust Litigation Attorneys at Kinley & Styskal for a Free Consultation

For additional information regarding establishing and funding a trust, or highly experienced representation to resolve a trust litigation dispute, please call Tustin Estate Attorneys Kinley & Styskal at (657) 859-9095 to set up your free, confidential consultation with a lawyer from one of the most experienced and respected Estate Planning & Litigation Law Firms in Orange County.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality legal counsel and representation, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your comprehensive Estate Plan, which should incorporate Trusts to protect your assets from the expensive fees charged by the courts to probate a will.

In addition to drafting Trusts and providing ardent representation in Trust Litigation cases, our compassionate Lawyers also provide knowledgeable advice to Trustees during the Trust Administration process.

Let us put our extensive experience to work for you and your loved ones!

Tustin Trust Attorneys and Trust Litigation Lawyers.